Hi! I'm Melissa.

That's me, with my first-born wild child. She had just licked my face. She does this thing, where she pretends to kiss me, then surprises me with a lick. It's gross, but I kind of love it, anyway.

So, parents, I get it. I get that it's messy and wonderful, all at once. I get that your family is your greatest joy and your biggest struggle. None of us are perfect, but we are all trying with all our might. There is magic and beauty in those little things you do for them every. single. day. Your family deserves a document of that beauty. YOU deserve to be in the photos, MOM! I want to capture the magic I see in all those little things you do...and I don't care if your house is messy. We're not going for perfect, here. We're going for beautifully real. So, forget the matching outfits, no need to smile on cue...I like you just the way you are. 

I have been a professional photographer for 12 years. In that time, I've realized that what really makes me tick, is capturing photos of authentic moments. It just feels right. I grew up in Northern California, with a forest surrounding my house. My parents raised me on classic rock, reading, art, and the outdoors. I love that bit of wild, it gave me, and I love photographing that same wildness in your family. 

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