Alta Lodge Wedding - Feeling the Love

Aubrey and Karenne were married on a perfect summer day. What I loved about this couple was their connection—you could really feel their love. They were so comfortable showing it to each other around others and in front of the camera. They opted for a "first look" or "reveal". Although they saw each other before the ceremony, we still made it special by sequestering Aubrey, so that Karenne could meet him in a special spot for their first time seeing each other in their wedding attire. It was important to Aubrey and Karenne to have time to get great portraits together on the wedding day, so the first look made that possible. We had a good hour where were able to drive around Albion Basin for photos. It was definitely worth it—we would have never gotten the photos we did without that extra time. They are some of my favorites from 2012.

The first look.During their portrait time, Aubrey gave Karenne a special surprise in the middle of a field with mountains behind them—a necklace he had chosen for her. It can't get more romantic than that! It was fun being in on the secret. We were a little worried about the "No Parking" sign, just feet from where we stopped and of course, law enforcement drove by, just as we began photos in this spot. There's something about a wedding dress that gets you out of a lot of things.The paparazzi:There were many tears and emotions during the ceremony. Aubrey and Karenne crafted their centerpieces, which were beautiful succulent terrariums. Aubrey and Karenne love to visit Utah to ski, so they named the guest tables after the ski runs at Alta Ski Resort. The signs looked just like those on the ski hill. The Sensations were outstanding and kept everyone on the dance floor. It was a beautiful day. I'm so glad I was part of it.