Asha and Daniel-Salt Lake City Bridal Photography

  Asha and Daniel wanted formal wedding portraits of the two of them together before the wedding day so they could enjoy their reception immediately following their wedding ceremony at Alta Ski Resort.  So, Daniel came along for Asha's bridals.  I loved doing this because it allowed much more time to be creative without the stress and time constraints of the wedding day.  We went to Memory Grove, but we didn't want the usually Memory Grove look, so we walked up to the trail there.   All it takes to get something different, is to do a little exploring and break out of the norm.  There must have been at least 5 other brides there that evening, but we didn't really notice them around us because we ventured off into other places.   Then, we headed to City Creek Canyon, one of Asha and Daniel's favorite places and did some beautiful photographs there.  I just loved working with Asha and Daniel on these and really enjoyed the opportunity to photograph Asha in her Sari.

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