Asha and Daniel-Salt Lake City Engagement Photographs

I sure like Asha and Daniel. Asha is a medical student at the University of Utah and Daniel is a biochemist (I hope I got that right, I can never seem to remember. I know, Asha, there's no such thing as biochemistry, but that's the best I could do). They both have quiet, easy demeanors and they're just so nice to be around. I knew when Asha sent me a picture of her Anthropologie dress, just what I was going to do. A week or so before, my friend Soozee and Ani and I took a walk in Sugarhouse through some back alleys behind the cool old homes. When I saw that dress of Asha's, I knew that's exactly where I wanted to go for their engagement photos.

I'm really excited for their bridal/groomal photography session coming up. They want to do photos together so we won't be rushed on the wedding day. I can't wait to see Asha's saris. The colors she described sound sumptous. I'm also looking forward to their wedding at Alta Peruvian Lodge Lucky me!