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I've been away from my blog for a while. Why? Well, wedding season tends to put me in a busy tizzy, where I spend most of my time photographing and editing weddings, designing wedding albums, and corresponding with clients. There is another big reason my blog took a back seat...a baby! For the last year, I've been figuring out this mom thing. Next week, the little apple of my eye will be one year old. Wow. Naturally, there are less weddings in the winter, so I'm going to concentrate my efforts on marketing and you guessed it...blogging. I'll be blogging everything from the last year (and maybe even from the year before), so get ready to see what I've been shooting!

You can't make a post on a photo blog without a photo, so here's one of my little family from Leisha Kelsey, my sister in-law. We swapped family photo sessions this year and I'm happy about that.

Starting tomorrow, be looking for new blog posts! Oh, and did you notice? I've freshened up the look of my blog for the new year.

Yay, me!