Brittany and Braden | Salt Lake City Bride and Groom Portraits

Brittany chose to have Braden come along for her bridal session. That was a great idea. They opted to have a "first look" so that they could be surprised, making the moment they saw each other in all their wedding finery, really special. These two are so much fun, that we spent A REALLY LONG TIME shooting this bridal session. Same thing happened on their engagement session in the 9th and 9th area of Salt Lake City.  They're so easy going, and photos meant so much to them, that I got to spend time getting creative with some of the standard LDS Temple shots. By standard, I mean, the Temple steps, the reflecting pool, and "the pedestal", as I like to call it. It was really hot, too, so we went inside the Joseph Smith Memorial Building for some dramatic images.

We were able to complete most of their shots around the Salt Lake Temple, so we didn't have to be rushed to get those photographs on the wedding day between their sealing and luncheon. Boy, was that nice.

Oh, and check out Brittany's shoes. Way to spice it up underneath your wedding dress, Brittany!