Brittany and Dustin's Wedding

Oh, wow!  This wedding was gorgeous.  It was in Brittany's grandfather's 3 acre "backyard" near the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon.  I had a field day taking photos and Dustin after the ceremony.  Thanks guys, for letting me steal you away from your reception for all that time!  It was worth it.  I knew that the photos were one of the most important things to Brittany, so I felt like I could steal them away for a little longer than usual.  Besides, there were too many amazing spots to shoot with them.  It rained just long enough to give us a double rainbow, too! Their cake was really cute-there were like 7 of them!  It was an arrangement of smallish cakes and two of them were horseshoes!  Dustin wore a cowboy hat for the wedding day as well as Brittany's dad and some of the other guys.  I really liked the old west romanticism it brought to the wedding.

The other really cool thing about the wedding were the families.  I was really taken aback by the affection, hugs, and "I love you"s that Brittany's family had for each other.  It inspires me to make sure that when I have kids, we are an affection family that lets each other know how much we care.