Canvas Art Prints

I want everyone to see how neat these are.A Gallery Wrap Canvas Art Print is a great way to add an artistic touch to a special photograph. Your photograph is printed on art canvas and stretched onto a frame like an oil painting. The image wraps over and onto the edges of the stretcher frame so that your photograph is on the sides as well as the front. The back is smoothly finished and covered, complete with hanging brackets and wall bumpers. Traditional wood framing not required. Your print is ready to hang!As you'll see in the photos, you can also have words and graphics on the sides of your canvas print-a great opportunity to put the date of your wedding, your baby's birthdate, quotes, inspirational words, anything! They come in a ton of sizes, from very small to really big. You can make one photograph into 3 canvas prints to hang side by side. I can design a collage of photos. I can layer scrolling designs, flowers-anything over your photo(s) for an even more artistic look. The options are endless.