Cassandra and Jacob and their red balloon-Salt Lake City Engagement Photography

I've been wanting to use balloons in an engagement or bridal session for some time now, since I saw an ad in Vogue for a French perfume. When Cassandra asked if we could use balloons for her engagement session, I jumped at the opportunity. We headed to the University of Utah for trees and greenery and a classic, but creative look. We got really lucky when we found the wonderfully talented, Benny Gilbert, playing guitar and singing on the sidewalk. We asked Benny if we could take some photos of Jacob and Cassandra while he played and wow, were those cool photographs. It was my favorite part of the session. I'm always looking for ways to inject something into my sessions that's not going to happen again, that no one else will have.

I'm really looking forward to Jacob and Cassandra's wedding and reception at the Salt Lake Temple and Le Jardin. They're having a Midsummer Night's Dream inspired reception with fairies and flowers and beautiful things. What a dream for me!

David and Catie of Montauk Motion Pictures came along to film the session as well. David's style in unlike other videographers I've seen in Utah. David's films have a cinematic Super 8 feeling and he sets them to the loveliest music that really sets the scene. David shoots in an unobtrusive manner, quietly observing with his camera. Here's the film he created from Cassandra and Jacob's engagement session:

Red Balloon from David Pilkington on Vimeo.