Christina and Jonathan's Wedding at First Presbyterian Church, Salt Lake City, Utah

I loved this wedding from start to finish.  Christina and Jonathan were married in the First Presbyterian Church on South Temple in Salt Lake City (It's the beautiful church next to the Cathedral of the Madeleine).  What a beautiful interior it has; stained glass, rich red carpeting, gothic arches, yum.  The light through the windows was amazing and made for some gorgeous shots of Christina and Jonathan alone after the wedding ceremony.  The wedding reception was at Canterbury Place in Bountiful and was really lovely.  Christina had a little tea theme with tea blossom favors.  The tea blossoms are sewn in such a way that when you pour hot water over them, they bloom into a flower.  The wedding color was red and the bridesmaids looked totally hot in their little red satin dresses.  Okay, the groomsmen did look pretty cute in their tuxes, too!  Jonathan sang to Christina on his knees in front of everyone at the wedding reception and it was really touching.  For the grand exit there were sparklers, which are always a good choice.  It takes the exit photos from nice to really nice with that extra light. 

Thank you, Jonathan and Christina.  I've really enjoyed working with you.  I like seeing how you are together, being silly and loving and fashionable for my photographs! :) 


I was really excited to get shots of Christina behind her veil with the light from a stained glass window.

bride on her wedding day in Utah

Utah Wedding Photograph of bride on her wedding day in salt lake city


Totally fierce bridesmaids.

bridemaids and bride pose for Utah Wedding Photographer, Melissa Kelsey


Christina's little sisters, the flower girls, were given lockets to wear at the wedding with photos of Jonathan and Christina inside.  Their family is tight and adore those little girls.

flower girl holds necklace up at Utah Wedding


How cute and perfect is this?

ring bearer and flower girls prepare for Utah Wedding ceremony


This is one of those moments that you don't get everyday and certainly can't plan.  I was stoked to get this shot.

Utah Wedding Photography at First Presbyterian Church by Melissa Kelsey Photography


Christina and her cute dad.

bride and father during utah wedding ceremony processional


The glorious interior of First Presbyterian Church

Utah Wedding Photography at First Presbyterian Church


Jonathan is so chivalrous, always kissing the women he loves on the hand or head or cheek.  I love that about him.

Utah Wedding Photography of groom kissing brides hand during wedding ceremony

Utah wedding ceremony

bride and groom kiss during their salt lake city wedding ceremony as Utah Wedding Photographer, Melissa Kelsey, captures it

Bride and groom exit First Presbyterian Church on their Utah Wedding day


Again, this window light!

groom kisses bride on neck after their Utah wedding ceremony

bride and groom on stairs of their Salt Lake City wedding at the First Presbyterian Church

bride and groom descend stairs after their wedding ceremony in Salt Lake City

First Presbyterian Church Wedding Photography in Utah

Utah bride and groom photographed by Utah Wedding Photographer, Melissa Kelsey


I absolutely love this one.  My shot is the one above, but this one is Leisha's.  Leisha is my second photographer.  A second photographer at a wedding is so invaluable because they cover what I can't because I'm only one person and they can bring a completely different perspective than what I have and just get some amazing shots, like this one.  Thank you, Leisha!

Utah Wedding Photography at 1st Presbyterian Church 

Onto the wedding reception at Canterbury Place

Canterbury Place, Bountiful, Utah photographed by Utah Wedding Photographer, Melissa Kelsey

wedding bouquet, photographed by Utah Wedding Photographer, Melissa Kelsey

Cake on wedding day in Utah, by Utah Wedding Photographer, Melissa Kelsey

Wedding decorations photographed by Utah Wedding Photographer, Melissa Kelsey


Here is one of those tea blossoms I was talking about.  So cool!  I first learned about these when I went to Afternoon Tea at the Grand America.  Everyone should try it, such an affordable, luxurious treat, complete with tea sandwiches and pastries. 

Utah Wedding decorations

salt Lake city wedding photography by Melissa Kelsey Photography

flower girl and cousin on wedding day by Melissa Kelsey Photography


Look at this handsome little man!  Such a cool dude.

Utah Wedding guest photography

Utah Wedding Photography by Melissa Kelsey Photography


Okay, this is one of my favorites.  The hotties in red are Christina's sisters (not the little sisters I mentioned before, obviously).  This one's going on the website.  These ladies have such fabulous style.

bride and bridesmaids pose fashionably


I love that Christina and Jonathan are silly.  They put a dot of frosting on each others noses during the cake cutting.

Bride and groom on their wedding day in Utah

Utah Wedding Photography of bride and groom dancing


There he goes again, kissing his love on the forehead and giving me a fabulous shot.

bride and groom dancing at their Utah wedding


Christina really needed to pee.

bride and bridesmaids being silly at Utah Wedding


Here are those sparklers I was talkin' about.  Besides the wonderful light and sparkle, everyone is always so happy and smiley because sparklers are fun to play with!

sparklers held by wedding guests as photographed by Utah Wedding Photographer, Melissa Kelsey Photography

bride and groom leave their Utah wedding reception and are photographed by Utah Wedding Photographer, Melissa Kelsey


Hurray for the fisheye lens!

bride and groom kiss as they leave their Utah Wedding which was photographed by Utah Wedding Photographer, Melissa Kelsey Photography

Wedding:  1st Presbyterian Church, Salt Lake City

Reception:  Canterbury Place



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