Christina's Bridals

Ooh la la!  Christina looked awesome in her sweetheart neckline dress.  I picked out a really wonderful location for her in Sugarhouse.  This was one of those awesome combinations where the stars aligned-great dress, gorgeous, sexy bride, and fabulous locations.  I loved this session.  Her mom was so cute and excited and helpful.  She put some awesome red lipstick on Christina at the last minute and it was just the extra touch we needed.  Don't be afraid to rock the classic red lip, ladies! Just wait until you see her wedding at First Presbyterian Church (the beautiful church next to Cathedral of the Madeleine) and her wedding reception at Canterbury Place.  Awesome!

What an amazing garden.

This black alcove ruled.  The next two shots almost look like they're in a studio!

We were really excited when owner of this shop invited us in for some photos right before closing.