Danielle & Jay | Utah Museum of Fine Arts Wedding

I'm not sure you'll find a more unique or wonderfully interesting wedding out there. For starters, Danielle and Jay had their wedding at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts. This is close to my heart, because I earned my photography degree at the University of Utah and worked in the the art collections department of the museum in college. Enough about me. Let's get back to the wedding... Not only did they have their wedding at an elegant and modern art museum, but there was a mesmerizing art installation in the large space where they were married. Tony Feher, an installation artist, uses everyday materials to create his artworks. He hung hundreds of streamer-like strands of pink painter's tape, from the ceiling of the museum. He also created a mosaic pattern on a large window, with blue painter's tape. When you check out the photos, you'll see just what I mean. It was COOL.

Danielle and Jay are scientists—like, legit PhD candidate chemists. They had a Scottish Quaich ceremony during their wedding ceremony, and for that, they drunk from Pyrex beakers. Those were also used in the floral arrangements by Lilac Floral.

These stylish scientists wore awesome wedding attire—a white, fitted gown with gold sequins for Danielle and a Maroon tux with black velvet lapels, for Jay. And hello, gold headband and red lips! I loved how Danielle kicked off her heels and put on her Crocs when the reception started. She knows what's important!

They kept things personal by having a good friend marry them, and Danielle's wedding party included both men and women. Tradition is beautiful, but it's also so refreshing when couples throw it out the window. Danielle and Jay's wedding was a perfect blend of keeping the traditions they identified with, while doing things their own way.

I have many favorite moments from the day, and I already knew that Danielle and Jay were a great match, but when I saw all four of their parents holding hands and dancing together in a circle, that this was going to be an especially outstanding union.

Venue: Utah Museum of Fine Arts

Art Installation: Tony Feher

Flowers: Lilac Floral

Getaway Car: Antique Limousine Service of Utah