Erica & Dave's Millcreek Engagement Session

Dave and Erica are adventurous and active, to say the least. Dave grew up in Salt Lake City, exploring the trails of the Millcreek area, so it was fitting that we do Dave and Erica's engagement photo session, there. This area also happens to be my backyard. We met at my house and walked through my neighborhood to a trail head nearby. The sky was perfect that day—no Photoshop tricks were used in the making of these photos. We're lucky, in Utah. We are spoiled by great sunsets on a regular basis, but this one was especially beautiful. There's something about being outside, in the breeze and sun, that makes people feel alive and connected. It energizes and inspires my photography, too.

Erica and Dave are the kind of people who put passion and gusto into everything they do, and I think that shows in these photos. You can see it in their embrace, in their arms and hands, in the way they're feeling their connection to each other and their surroundings. Hurray for life and love!