Friday Randomness

What better day for randomness than Friday?  The rest of the week, my blog is about wedding and portrait photography.  I've decided that Friday's blog will be about random things that interest me or thing that I'm doing in my personal life that might interest you (or not).  First Friday Randomness post!

So, here's what happens when you attempt to do portraits of you, your husband (who is so not into it) and dogs with the self timer on your camera.  You get slightly out of focus, strangely cropped, dogs going crazy (because you didn't tire them out first) photos.

In case you're wondering, my husband's name is Todd.  The big dog is Mia and the smaller one is Sugar.  The dogs are much cuter in person.  They aren't very photogenic here, especially the first one where Mia is about to jump on me!


Mia attacks Melissa

Todd and Melissa with dogs, Mia and Sugar

Family Portrait

Portrait of Melissa Kelsey, Utah Wedding Photography with husband, Todd