Friday Randomness

THE KINDNESS OF STRANGERS I was at the fabric store, buying ribbon for wrapping Christmas gifts.  I was looking at wrapping paper for something good and different, but there wasn't anything I liked.  I was browsing the store and saw a woman with a really cool tone on tone red-striped wrapping paper.  I asked her where she got it in the store.  She said it was the last one and I was a little disappointed, but it wasn't a big deal since it's just wrapping paper. 

I was in line to check out behind her later and when she was finished paying for her items, including the red-striped wrapping paper, she turned to me and said, "Here, I want you to have this, you liked it so much."  I was taken aback and told her she didn't need to do that.  She insisted and gave it to me and said, "Merry Christmas!"  I thanked her and was just so touched by that little gesture.  She could have just handed it to me before she paid for it, but she bought it and then gave it to me.  I guess it just hit her at that moment when she saw me in line behind her and she gave it to me.  It's just wrapping paper, but the gesture was just so kind. 

Thank you, lady with the wrapping paper, wherever you are!