Heather and Chris | Utah Engagement Photography at a Horse Ranch

Crazy story.  I grew up in a tiny town in Northern California and Chris lived in my town.  Our parents were friends and we played together when we were five.  In 7th grade, Chris moved away to Montana.  In 6th grade, Heather was a "new girl" at our school.  We became friends right away.  Right out of high school, I moved to Utah to go to college (and ski).  About 13 years later, Heather and I discovered that we both lived in Utah, and 5 minutes from each other to boot!  Then, we found out Chris lived here, too.  Chris and Heather started hanging out, and long story short, they fell in love and decided to get married.  Guess who shot their wedding--ME! Anyway, Chris and Heather are passionate about their hobbies.  Chris races bikes and Heather rides and shows horses.  They wanted to include these passions in their engagement photographs.  We went to the ranch in Saratoga Springs where Heather keeps her horses, Rocket and Midas.  Rocket got in on the photo action and so did Chris' bike.  Does your bike have a name, Chris?  I wouldn't be surprised.

I can't wait to blog their beautiful Sundance wedding!