Holly | Salt Lake City Bridal Portraits

Long before Holly's bridal session, I daydreamed about it a lot.  Holly and Eric hired me about a year before their wedding, so I had a lot of time to think about what I wanted to do for Holly's bridal portraits.  I made pinhole photographs at this location about 10 years ago for a college photography project and I can't believe I hadn't come back here for a photo session since.  It didn't dawn on me until I was thinking about where to go for Holly's bridals.  This is a cemetery in Salt Lake City.  I think Holly and the cemetery just fit and I knew that Holly would get it.  I wasn't trying to make photos of a bride standing in front of a headstone for a sensational juxtaposition. I was simply drawn to the beautiful trees, lawns, light, and ethereal mood.  Where else can you get rows of conically shaped juniper trees in Salt Lake City? For me, a cemetery is a beautiful place, full of life.  It's a place where all of the memories and experiences of all the people buried there, culminate.  It's a powerful thing, much bigger than each of us.  Bridal portraits are a celebration of a woman who will soon experience a rite of passage that is one of the most meaningful, powerful memories of her life.  Funerals and death are one one of life's rites of passages like births and weddings.  I feel like these important things are interconnected.  Some people might think it's total blasphemy to do a photo session in a cemetery.  When done in a thoughtful and respectful way, I think it's a celebration of life.

Oh, and by the way, the super-cool bouquet with the peacock feather in it?  Yeah, I grabbed those flowers from the grocery store, 15 minutes before Holly's session and pulled them together with gray satin ribbon and the feather.  I'm kinda' proud of it and Holly loved it.

If you wear glasses in real life, wear them for photos!  I love the extra style and personality of Holly's glasses.