Hollywood Hills Wedding

Yeah, that's right, the Hollywood Hills.  Aren't I fancy?  My cousin, Tyler, and his fiance, Andrea were married in the courtyard of a beautiful traditional Japanese restaurant, Yamashiro, in the Hollywood Hills that overlooks Los Angeles.  From the outside to the inside, every detail was beautiful.  There was a koi pond in the middle of the courtyard where Tyler and Andrea were married.  Andrea coordinated and made most of the wedding decorations, including origami candle bases! 

It was really special to be part of their wedding day and capture such an important moment in their lives.  Thank you, Andrea and Tyler, for entrusting me with such an important responsibility and honor.  It was great to meet your family and friends, Andrea, and it was great to see my family members, too!  


Yamashiro Restaurant


I knew exactly what I was going to do when I saw this chair in the Bride's Room.


Andrea's mom applies the makeup.


What a cute shot of Andrea.  She asked me which perfume she should wear.  That made me feel kind of special.  I thought she should wear the classic, Chanel...


...and she did.


What a cool moment.  Andrea is waiting with her dad and sister, her maid of honor, before the ceremony.


The officiant prepares for the ceremony.


Another one of my favorite moments-the maid of honor, Ashley, peeks around the corner as she's waiting for the ceremony to begin.


...and the Best Man (my other cousin, Scott) does the same.


There was this thing with hands during the ceremony.  It was a perfect moment with Andrea's hands behind and Tyler's in front, like a symbol of their unity.


That's me, Mrs. Melissa Kelsey!  I had to get a shot of my own place card.


Andrea folded this origami candle base.


Koi pond!


This is my Shirley Temple.  It just came over me all of the sudden that it's what I should have.  No drinking on the job for me!  Then, the bartender put it on this green, lighted counter and I had to take a photo of it, immediately because it looked so cool.

Andrea had the most decadent red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting instead of a traditional cake.  We picked them up at a little cafe after she got me from the airport in the morning.  I think these cupcakes are famous around L.A.  I can see why, they were amazing.


This is my actual cupcake, half eaten.  These were huge, the size of a large grapefruit!


First dance.


Thanks, Jeni, for holding that video light for me!