I Feel Kinda' Fancy! | Published Wedding Photography

I'd been waiting and waiting for the new issue of Utah Bride and Groom Magazine to come out. I was at the grocery store and saw it, the coveted issue! I grabbed three and proudly plopped them down on the check stand. The checker guy was a little confused, "You want three?" and I replied, "YES I DO". You see, a couple of my photos were in the magazine.

It was my goal for 2009 to get in a local wedding magazine and I did it! I also got in the latest issue of Latter Day Bride Magazine. I must thank the lovely Brittany, one of my 2009 brides, whose dream was to work for a wedding magazine. She got her little self an article and 4 page spread! She asked me for photos for the article and I thought she'd use a few, but man, they're all over that article! Thanks, Brittany!

And finally, a shout out to David Pilkington of Montauk Motion Pictures. He was featured on The Utah Bride Blog. I love working with David and especially like his romantic, artistic, vintage style.  Check out the beautiful video of mine and David's mutual bride, Cassandra here:  Utah Bride Blog.  Thanks to David for mentioning me.

I am so thankful for the opportunity to be shown in these wonderful places. Thank you, Utah Bride and Groom Magazine, Montauk Motion Pictures, Utah Bride Blog, and Latter Day Bride Magazine! Also, thanks to my bride and grooms featured in those photos.