Jacki & Garrett's Air Force Base Engagement Photos

Jacki is a tax lobbyist. Garrett flies F-16s for the U.S. Air Force. Quite the couple, eh? Jacki had the idea of doing engagement photos with Garrett's jet. Yes, it even has his name on the side. Oh, and the best part it—he got to name his jet. What's the name, you ask? The "Angry Jacki", of course. Jacki is a smart, independent, vibrant woman (the best kind), who goes after what she wants. Hence, the name. In fact, she went after what she wanted when she saw Garrett...at a bar...in Korea. Garrett was stationed there and Jacki had moved to Korea, looking for an exciting adventure. She went right up to him and said, "I'll be over there, when you're ready to come talk". I was listening during the toasts, guys! How could I forget such a great story? So, with a little nod to the past, Jacki put on a red dress and heels and Garrett wore his flight suit. It had just rained, so the runway was wet and the sky was filled with perfect, gray clouds and the dramatic mountains in the background. After our jet session, we drove around Hill Air Force Base and found beautiful fields to run around in. The sun came out and began to go down, which made for the best photographer weather you can ask for—rich, blue skies, puffy clouds, and golden light. Just beautiful.

I got a special treat at the end of the jet portion of our session, so be sure to scroll to the end to see.

These last pictures are of me geeking out about being in the F-16 jet. Jacki took photos of me with my phone. Thanks, Jacki! That's Garrett, telling me about the "Top Gun" button. There are actually buttons that say "dog fight", that you push when you want to shoot at another plane at close range. Oh, and there's really an "eject" button, just like the cartoons. Sweet.