Logan, Utah Wedding

Amanda and Matt are really in love.  You can just see it and feel it.  They tell each other, too.  I love how Amanda tells Matt he's hot and cute.  Their wedding was at The Riter Mansion in Logan, Utah.  Who knew such a cool place existed?  You can't really see it well from the street, but when you go in, it's beautiful.  It's an old Victorian era (I'm guessing) home that is beautifully refurbished.  It doubles as a bed and breakfast, so the bride and groom can stay there for their wedding night in the Master Suite upstairs, which is breezy and romantic.  There is a big new carriage house for the reception that has nice windows and has a classic look that would fit just about any style of bride and groom.  There's a lovely garden area where you can get married, like Matt and Amanda did, with little bridges and a creek running through.  It's lovely.  I said lovely again.  I need a thesaurus.  www.theritermansion.com


Yummy details


These next three awesome shots are by my second shooter, Leisha.  Thanks, Leisha!


I loved this moment between Amanda and her dad when he first saw her before going down the aisle. They were both crying and so was I!


Thelight was so beautiful on Matt and Amanda.  A photographers dream.


This moment between Matt and Amanda was amazing.  I didn't set them up.  We had just come in from doing some photos of just them together and it happened.  Amanda circled Matt like a lion.  It was hot!


When I saw the bridal suite, I immediately thought of this shot

and knew Matt and Amanda would be up for it.


Flowers by Candyce at Urban Floral www.urbanfloral.biz


Cake by Natalie Mohr


Another lovely shot by leisha.  Leisha is great at getting in close on the subject without them knowing about it.  What a great moment.


Amanda and her sister and brother choreographed a special, hilarious, and memorable dance for the reception.


This garter toss was full of action, just like I like 'em.


Love how this shows her train.


You guys rule the sexy, moody, romantic shots.  Thanks for being so willing and able!