Lydia's Great Salt Lake Bridal Portraits

I've been dying to post Lydia's bridals because they are...WHOA. Lydia and Jesse were just married on Sunday in a gorgeous ceremony and had a crazy-fun reception at Wolf Creek Resort in Eden, Utah. So, now I get to show off the bridals. Lydia looked amazing in her gown from Angell's Originals in Salt Lake City. My friend and sometimes assistant, Soozee (whose darling twin girls you may have seen here recently), came along. She helped guide Lydia into beautiful poses. With her artist's eye, Soozee has a total knack for artistic, dramatic posing. After a little while, Lydia just totally worked it on her own without any help. I was totally delighted with Lydia's photos during the daylight, but then, we busted out the lighting equipment when it got dark and I was just elated with the results. The last photo shows what my feet and pants looked like after the session. I'll do anything, climb anything, and lie down in anything for a great shot.