Machel and Mikey-Salt Lake City Engagement Photographs

Machel and Mikey looked like movie stars for their engagement photos, especially when they got decked out in their black and white outfits, Machel in a fresh, classic, white strapless dress with black belt and heels and Mikey, in his white pants, black shirt, and stunna' shades. Machel had seen some engagements I'd done overlooking the city, right on this-here blog! ;) So, we did photos there, but first, we got together and did some "studio" style photos in their casual outfits and then, went to the field, overlooking Salt Lake City. I also had another awesome location up my sleeve, but we had to wait until dark to use it to its full advantage. Mikey brought along champagne and we decided to capture the opening of the bottle on film at the final location. Mikey looked so cool opening that bottle and then, poofshhhmmmmshhhh! it kind of blew up in Mikey's face. Poor Mikey had it dripping from his face and on his shirt, but it made for a funny moment. After that, Mikey and Machel enjoyed their champagne and I got some of my favorite photos of them. Check it out below!