Maverik-Adventure's First Stop!

Here's another non-wedding related shoot I did for Maverik Country Stores way back in February.  What a blast this was!  I photographed Maverik's marketing team for the cover of Convenience Store News Magazine. 

I photographed one of their newer stores on Redwood Road as well as the marketing team in the store.  They were so fun to work with, hamming it up for the camera.

Then, they flew me to one of their Arizona stores to shoot it, too.  I got to ride in the Maverik plane where we did zero gravity for fun.  On the way back from Arizona, Lynda and I were sitting in the back of the plane and the pilot did zero G's.  When you do this, things will float in the air for a moment.  Lynda threw up her keys and they floated!  Even better, all of our stuff-water bottles, bags, and my heavy camera equipment, all went floating in the air.  When it was over and we went back to regular gravity (whatever that's called), all the stuff went flying toward Lynda, landing on and around her!  Luckily, I captured all of this with my camera.  It's hilarious!  At Maverik, they really live their slogan, "Adventure's First Stop!"

Linda, minding her own business
Lynda, minding her own business

My stuff beginnig to fly toward Linda

uh oh!

All my stuff flying toward Linda!

The aftermath

Grand Canyon from the plane

Arizona Maverik






Redwood Road Maverik, Salt Lake City


Maverik Marketing Team

Candy aisle!