Me and Britney Spears

What do Britney Spears and I have in common?  We're both in the January issue of Glamour Magazine!!! You may remember Ty and Erin, a couple whose wedding I photographed in April.  


Utah Wedding Photography

Utah bride and groom engagement photographs


Well, Erin works in Public Relations/Marketing and got her little self in a Glamour story called, "Change Your Life in 31 Days".  Ten women did one small thing every day for 31 days and reported on how it changed their lives.  Erin read all the front page stories of the Chicago Tribune every day.  She became more informed and could talk with authority on politics and current events.  What a great feeling and confidence booster!  

So, how did I get in Glamour Magazine?  Erin asked if I would photograph her reading the Chicago Tribune for the story and of course, I jumped at the possiblity of being in such a big publication.  So, Erin and Ty and I did a mini-session and here we are!


Glamour Magazine Cover

Glamour Magazine Story

Glamour Magazine Photo by Utah Wedding Photographer, Melissa Kelsey

Glamour Magazine Photo by Melissa Kelsey


If you'd like to read the story, it starts on page 134 of Glamour and my photo of Erin is on page 139.  I will make the disclaimer that magazine printing does not do justice to photographs.  I feel better now.