Moving Day | Utah Family Photographer

Moving out of your home of 10 years, is a bittersweet thing. The Stewart family went through all the love, heartache, and change that happens in the span of a decade. I photographed this family, as they quite literally packed the final contents of their home. The house was mostly empty, but there were a few moving boxes and remnants of their life together, there. During our time together, there were stories told, jumping and playing, running, laughing, and tears.

I can't think of a better way to memorialize a place that has so much meaning. Perhaps, it can help them let go, knowing they have a document of the love and space they had to leave behind. 

It's been nearly a year since the move. Recently, there was news that the home had been gutted and undergoing big changes. That's a hard thing to hear, when you've put your love, sweat, and tears into a place. This family has told me how grateful they are to have documents of it, before that happened. Photos are some of the only things that increase in value, over time. That is certainly true for this family.