My Grandmother's Paintings

My grandmother was an artist who painted, mostly in oils.  She's been gone a while, but it was time to finally distribute the paintings throughout the family.  My mom and her siblings gathered at my grandparents' house and did the daunting emotional task of figuring out who gets what. My grandmother taught me how to draw by making shapes and splitting the face into proper proportions and then, forming out the lines.  She showed me how to paint a little, and a great memory was making linocut prints by carving special linoleum blocks, that we would ink up and stamp onto thick watercolor-type paper.  She made holiday cards just about every year this way, and it made for a pretty fantastic collection.  They have a great stylish 1960s aesthetic.

The art room at her house was a special place for me.  It had a certain smell of paper, oil paints, and wood, all baked together by the warm sun that streamed through the big windows.

I came home one day, to a huge box with my three paintings in it.  I opened it up right away and placed my paintings where I think they'll go in my house.  They immediately brought cheeriness and richness to my living room.

Thanks, Gram.