New toys

I just got these puppies, finally!  I've been wanting them for a long time.  I'm really excited to have gotten these Pocket Wizards and this softbox lighting setup.  Without going into technical jargon, the Pocket Wizards trigger the light that is housed in the softbox.  Why should you care?  Well, if you're a wedding or portrait client, I may use this lighting setup on you at some point, which will make even better portraits and photographs for you.  This will help me execute some of the photos I see in my mind that aren't possible without studio lighting.  I've been wanting to explore a fashion look for bridal sessions and a lot of fashion photography employs studio lighting.  I'll be using this setup at wedding receptions from now on, too, adding that extra touch for my clients, especially as we go into winter and receptions head inside.  I can't wait to explore the possiblities with my new toys/tools!   

pocket wizards