Restoration Hardware Store Opening at City Creek Center


As you may have heard, the grand opening of the City Creek Center in Salt Lake City, was a pretty big deal. I got a call the day before to photograph the opening of the brand-spankin'-new Restoration Hardware store. Man, is it luxurious and sparkling! Jamie of Bellessa Designs, was so kind to think of me for this event. Jamie is an outstanding floral designer, and is also the head interior designer at the new Restoration Hardware store at City Creek. That's a pretty big deal, if you ask me.

It was exciting to feel the energy of all the people and anticipation, downtown. There were long lines to get into stores, a marching band in front of Macy's, and people all around. It was fun to photograph something different that day.

I was asked to photograph all the "rooms" of the store, in Restoration Hardware catalog style—straight on, no angles, please! This was a fun exercise for me. Usually, I photograph rooms on an angle, from the corner of the room, to get as wide of a view as possible. I was also there to photograph the ribbon cutting, the inaugural ceremony for the new store.As I moved around the beautiful spaces, photographing everything, I couldn't help but hear the team-building talk the staff was having in preparation for the big opening. I was impressed and felt inspired. I almost wanted to work there myself! Little known fact: I was an interior designer for 5 years, in between graduating photography school and starting my photography business. Yep.At 10 a.m., we all headed outside the shiny doors for the ribbon cutting. The staff lined up, cheering loudly and holding a long satin ribbon. With great big scissors...the ribbon was cut! You could hear the cheering of ribbon cutting ceremonies all around City Creek Center, but I'm pretty sure Restoration had the loudest group.