Salt Lake City LDS Temple Wedding-Kim and Shawn

Kim and Shawn called me about 2 weeks before their wedding, saying that their photographer had bailed on them, something I would never do. I'm so glad that other photographer did, because I got to photograph their wedding. Kim and Shawn are totally laid back and totally in love, and it showed. They are also a little bit in lust, too. Check out the butt grabbing shots in the slideshow from their wedding day at the Salt Lake City LDS Temple. There's nothing better than seeing a couple who is really into each other and being able to capture photographs of their strong connection. Kim and Shawn each have children, Shawn has three adorable girls and Kim has one adorable girl. They seemed to have already become a great little family. The entire experience was enjoyable all around because of the simple, easy-going, loving atmosphere all around. Thanks for sharing this wonderful day with me, Shawn, Kim and girls!

Flowers: Flowers on Vine

Cake: Granite Bakery

Band: Ken Foster Trio

Wedding: Salt Lake City LDS Temple

Reception: Joseph Smith Memorial Building

Photographer: Melissa Kelsey Photography (of course!)