Salt Lake City Senior Portraits-Mary

Mary is a beauty and she's super smart, has gorgeous red hair, loves to play la crosse, and likes Mel Brooks and Monte Python movies. All that, and she's only in high school. I photographed Mary's senior portraits in downtown Salt Lake City and it was wonderful. Mary was so easy to work with and we got to have fun with her la crosse uniform and stick. Mary's mom and friend, Michelle came along, so I got some cool shots of Mary and Michelle together in their uniforms. I told them to be give me their best "strong and sexy" poses and they knew exactly what I meant. We joked about America's Next Top Model and Tyra, but when it came down to it, they were workin' what they saw on ANTM.

Mary is off to college next year in Texas or on the East Coast and she's gonna' rock it. Her future is bright.