San Francisco Wedding

Jeff and Janica got married at a gorgeous winery called Wente Vineyards outside San Francisco in the town of Livermore, California.  I know-it's not technically San Francisco, but San Francisco sounds so much cooler!  Besides, the day after the wedding we went into the city and did a photo shoot of just the bride and groom at some great San Francisco spots like the Golden Gate Bridge, The Palace of Fine Arts, and on the famous trolley cars. It was so great to get back to my home state of California to photograph Jeff and Janica's wedding.  I grew up only 2 1/2 hours from San Francisco.

Jeff and Janica are such an awesome couple-kind, caring, and not too bad lookin' either!  It was a treat to photograph their wedding in such a beautiful outdoor location.  As we were driving around San Francisco the next day, I was having a heyday, seeing the endless opportunities for photo shoot locations!  I could go crazy there and never run out of new places to shoot. 



The Wedding