Sandie and Matthew-Salt Lake City Engagement Photographs

Sandie and Matthew were married in the Manti LDS Temple recently-many congratulations, you guys!  Now you get to do that thing you wanted to do on Valentine's Day, Sandie!  wink-wink They're those kind of people who are smiley, sparkly, and totally into each other-my favorite kind of people to photograph.

While shooting their engagement photographs in downtown Salt Lake City, I got us in trouble because I moved a big 'ol bicycle rack out of the opening of a parking garage because, frankly, it just ruined my shot. The parking attendant lady yelled at me, but I got her to let me finish my photographs. We put the thing back. Sheesh! No harm, no foul.

Toward the end of the session, we took Matthew's Scion-esque vehicle to a cool spot and did some photos with it. Matthew demonstrated how much he loves his vehicle by crawling on it like a pinup model! Check out Matthew making out with his car below.

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