Sassy Senior

Alissa is a super-smart, beautiful young woman who moved to Utah to attend BYU.  She's getting an early start on her academic career by attending her first semester this summer while all of the other freshman to be are sitting around at home on MySpace and Facebook, watching TV and texting their friends.  Her mom, Karen, called me from Texas, saying that she needed me to re-shoot Alissa's senior portraits because the photos from the guy who took them in Texas looked like a Sears photographer went out on his own.  Ugh!  This wasn't the first time I've re-shot photos for someone who didn't like what their photographer (or friend with digital camera) had done.  People!  Just choose a great photographer (like me) in the first place. :) Alissa, Karen, and I had such a great time with this session.  Karen and Alissa are a blast and Karen, Alissa's mom is hilarious! 

Click on the thumbnails to see an enlarged view of each photo.