Shane & Kathryn's Park City Destination Wedding

Kathryn and Shane live in Louisiana, where Shane does his dental residency. Kathryn is a practicing dentist there. I've debated about making a joke about what great teeth they both have, but I'm sure they've heard that before. Besides being dentists, they are a warm and friendly couple with wonderful friends and family. Kathryn lived in Utah at one time and has loved returning with her family, over the years, to ski in Park City. With friends and family spread throughout the U.S., they decided Park City would be a lovely destination for their wedding, where their everyone could enjoy the skiing and outdoor experience Park City has to offer.

Kathryn and Shane had a beautiful wedding ceremony at St. Mary's Catholic Church, filled with all the good things that happen at weddings—hugs, laughter, togetherness, happy tears, and a kiss to seal the deal. One of my favorite parts of a Catholic wedding ceremony is the part where everyone "greets" each other. They shake hands, hug, and say "hi". What a nice way to include everyone who has come to see the bride and groom be married.

Here, I've included a few portraits and the wedding ceremony. Stay tuned for a future post highlighting portraits on historic Main Street in Park City, as well as Kathryn and Shane's wedding reception at Park City Ski Resort.