Steffon and His Blue Light Orchestra

I did a great studio and location shoot a little while back and have been excited to post it. 

Steffon and His Blue Light Orchestra are an awesome group.  Steffon is the main man of the outfit and sings and writes crooner style jazz songs as well as modern rock/pop tunes.  Think Michael Buble, Frank Sinatra, and Harry Connick, Jr. with a Maroon Five twist.  The Blue Light Orchestra consists of Jeremy Brown on drums/percussion, Ben Johnson on bass, and the lovely Kelsie Call on piano and vocals.  They are an amazingly talented group of people.  They're on the label, Crooner Records, and were just finishing up the Limited Edition Pre-Release album at the time of our photo shoot.  The album is great and I think you'll be hearing more about Steffon and His Blue Light Orchestra in the near future. 

Be sure to check out Steffon at  You can hear and buy his music there.  One of my favorites is "Voices in My Head".  There's even a jazz cover of "Dancing Days" by Led Zeppelin!

Here are photos from our session shot at Spirit West Studios  A special thanks to them for allowing us to use their studio for the shoot.  Thanks to Linda Shober assiting me!


Steffon and His Blue Light Orchestra



Jeremy Brown-Percussion/Drums


Ben Johnson-Bass


Kelsie Call-Piano/Vocals