Tarra & RJ | Engagement Photos at a Family Cabin

Some people, you just click with, you want to be friends with. That's Tarra and RJ. Tarra was a guest at Lydia and Jesse's wedding a few years ago and she called me up to photograph her wedding. I couldn't be happier about that. There's a special cabin in Ogden Canyon, that's been in RJ's family for years. That's where we did Tarra and RJ's engagement photos. I got a glimpse into the past of RJ's family. You could feel the history in that Arts & Crafts style bungalow. You could imagine the parties, with kids running around in the summertime.

I love finding locations for my clients, based on their style and desires—I consider it an important part of communicating what a couple is about. Using RJ's family cabin, which is so personal to him and Tarra, couldn't have been a better way to communicate their essence. It didn't hurt that the place looked like it was straight out of a J.Crew ad.