Tuesday Tip by Utah Wedding Photographer, Melissa Kelsey


Utah Wedding Photography of bride having hair and makeup professionally applied


Do a test run of your hair and makeup with your stylist before the wedding day.  There's nothing worse than hating your hair on your wedding day and having the stress of not knowing what it's going to look like until it's all done and hard to change.  Bad hair can make you feel unpretty on the day when you should feel your prettiest and most confident.

I had a bride who had her wedding out of town and was not able to do a test run with the stylist on her wedding day hair.  She wanted a soft and loose, curled, romantic look and even brought magazine pictures.  She ended up with tight, hairsprayed curls and she really disliked it.  Imagine only an hour to your wedding and you hate your hair.  Not a happy scene.  When you take magazine pictures to your stylist, just decide on one picture only.  Bringing 3 or 4 and telling them you want the bangs of this one, the sides of that one, and the back of that  one is confusing and you may not get what you want.  Trust me, I did this with a short haircut once-bad idea.  I've seen it happen with bridal hair, too.

Having your makeup professionally done will make all the difference in the world.  Want that bridal magazine look?  Professional hair and makeup is the key. 

I know that not everyone will or can have their makeup professionally done, but please, ladies, put on some blush and lip color!  I know you're used to nude/clear gloss or just Chapstick, but for your bridal session and wedding day, natural looking blush and a lip color are key.  You don't have to wear bold lipstick.  A great technique is to use a lipstick first and then, apply gloss over top.  I find that the mixture of the two give you enough color in a natural way.  Besides, blending the two usually gives you the best, most customized color for your skin tone.  I like L'Oreal's Infallible lip glosses because they are super long wearing without that yucky caked on, dry feel. 

Back to professional makeup and hair.  Local makeup and hair artists, Enizio are your go to people.  www.enizio.com

Go for natural false lashes, airbrushed makeup, and a unique, but elegant hairstyle.  You'll love it!