Tuesday Tips!

I've decided to start posting a super-helpful wedding tip or article every Tuesday to help brides and grooms plan their weddings.  I've gleaned a lot of knowledge on little things that will enhance any wedding through all the weddings I've photographed as well as planning my own wedding and helping friends plan theirs.  So, here's the inaugural Tuesday Tip!


Lots and lots of inexpensive votive candles EVERYWHERE will make a huge difference in the ambience of your wedding reception as well as the wedding reception photographs.  I love the gorgeous glow of candlelight in a photograph.  It's just so beautiful.  I took these two photographs with candlelight only.  You can see the gorgeous highlights and warm glow the candles made in the first photograph and the second one speaks for itself.

Candles for your Utah Wedding Photography

  Utah Wedding Photograph Candles

You can do this REALLY affordably.  At Ikea, you can get a bag of 24 tea lights for only $5.99, so stock up on at least 4 or more bags.  Seriously, the more the better.  Make sure you get little glass holders for them or your reception center won't let you use them.  You can get a 5 short glass holders for only $1.99 or 3 tall holders for the same price.  This is a small investment that will make a HUGE difference in your wedding photography.

Tea Lights for your Utah Wedding Photography  Tall tea light holders to enhance your Utah Wedding Photography










Tea light holders for your Utah Wedding

Tuesday Tip by Utah Wedding Photographer, Melissa Kelsey.