Utah Wedding-Erika and Porter

Erika and Porter are really great to work with-they're playful, energetic, smiley, and relaxed.  Their wedding day was just plain fun.  They were married at the Salt Lake Temple on November 21st and had their reception at Ivy Lane Reception Center in Ogden.  Erika was such a trooper-it was cold, but the photos look great because she stuck it out-and with a smile on her face the whole time!  Erika and Porter are really loved by A LOT of people.  Erika didn't really want a line at her reception, but she got a huge and time consuming one.  It wrapped all the way around and through all of the many rooms of Ivy Lane.  They did eventually get to cut their cupcake cake (which looked awesome and tasted delicious) and got a few dances in toward the end. 

Congratulations Erika and Porter!  Thanks for being so fun to work with.


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