Vancouver Wedding

I was lucky enough to be able to photograph Brigette and Stu's wedding in Vancouver, Canada.  Brigette is my friend and we met here, in Salt Lake City, but she went on trip to Europe and met a Canadian boy in Belgium named Stu.  After a long time of flying back and forth to see each other and Brigette working forever to get her citizenship in Canada, she moved to Vancouver, became a Canadian, and married Stu in one of the most beautiful cities I've ever been. That's only the beginning of the saga. 

My husband, Todd and I decided to drive to Vancouver.  I think it's a 15 or 16 hour trip.  Luckily, my cousin, Scott lives in Seattle, so we stopped there for a couple of days and he and his wife Jeni showed us around.   Then, we were off to Vancouver.  I'll have to do another post about our mini Vancouver vacation in depth later.

The saga part comes when we arrive at our hotel in Vancouver.  We turned on the TV to hear news about a huge rockslide that covered the only highway to Whistler where Brigette and Stu's wedding was going to be.  So, the positive thinker that I am, I thought, "okay, the weddings not for 3 days, they'll clear it up and it'll be fine".  As the day went on and into to the next day, the news about Brigette and Stu's beautiful resort wedding overlooking Puget Sound was not looking so good.  They were not going to be able to clear the road in time.  We could take a 12 hour detour up winding dirt roads with all the guests and wedding party, but that was just not feasible.  So, Brigette and Stu threw together a stupendous wedding in just 2 days!  Brigette has been a florist in the past and Stu's mom had been a caterer.  The made a fabulous cake adn delicious food.  Everything was beautiful-the flowers, the decorations, the backyard with the 12 foot tall hedges.  All of their family and friends came together to make a beautiful, intimate wedding happen in two short days and I got to be part of it.


I was really excited to have this gorgeous window in Brigette's apartment to photograph the dress in.  Her apartment overlooks the ocean!


Brigette did all of the gorgeous, natural arrangements for the wedding. 

Bonus that they're my favorite color, apple green!

The groom's family looks on during the ceremony.

Stu was awesome.  He arranged for us to go down to the beach for bridal party photos.  I'm SO glad he did.  I love these photos. 

I loved it when Stu put Brigette on his back to get to the big rock we were shooting on.

Hot girls!

One of my favorites.

I've always wanted to do one of those gorgeous limo shots you see.  Now I have!

Brigette didn't wear heels, she wore these.  Brigette's cute Vans said, "He loves me, he loves me not".  She finally held still long enough in the limo for me to photograph them.


Their favors rocked.  Brigette and Stu sent their photos into Jones Soda who printed their photos on the bottles!  That's them on the label!

This fabulous cake is a family recipe.  Stu made his own wedding cake!  It was gorgeous with a beautiful cream colored frosting and fern piping with real ferns and orchids as well.

Celine was such a cool flower girl.  She was such a free spirit.

So, apparently, Canadians don't have the tradition of decorating the bride and groom's car.  I asked them if they were doing it so I could get a picture and they didn't know what I was talking about!  I told them about the American tradition of doing this and they went crazy with it!

Poor Kermit!

They even got this nice lady in on the action.

I love how I caught the string in mid-air, if I do say so myself.