Woodland Wedding Inspiration Window at Lily & Iris Bridesmaids

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Lily & Iris Bridesmaids shop asked me to create a vignette of wedding ideas for one of their inspiration windows. These windows provide wedding inspiration to the brides who go into Lily& Iris. What I love about Lily & Iris, is that it is so tasteful, organized, and easy to shop. Their buyers wade through all the fluff to get to the good stuff, bringing only the best bridesmaid dress designers into their shop. No searching through a million not-so-cute dresses to get to what you want. Just elegant, refined style. For my window, I was asked to choose a bridesmaid dress to build around. I chose a long, forest green chiffon number that I think would flatter any woman. A v-neck design is flattering on everyone. Not to mention, it was perfect for the ideas I had in mind.

The inspiration for my...you guessed it...inspiration window, comes from where I grew up. I grew up in Northern California, near Lake Tahoe, which you can read more about, HERE. I've always been drawn to organic style with a touch of glamor. I combined moss, ferns, leaves, feathers, and accents of metallic gold to create my lush and elegant, but down-to-earth look. I'm a mom to two young kids, so it was refreshing and exciting to create something beautiful with my hands (besides photos, of course).

Thank you, Lily & Iris, for the opportunity to create this for your shop. I had fun!

Please excuse the iPhone photos. This mama just didn't get the time to go back with the big camera.

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