"The photos took my breath away. They brought back the evening of the reception for me. They all say something wonderful about the night". 
-Ernest, Groom

"Thank you, for the most artful, beautiful, intelligent pictures."
-Nathan, Father of the Bride

"Such a lovely person who makes SUCH lovely images! A delight to work with, and a real professional!" 
-Donna, Donna Urban Events

"She's awesome to work with. I love her photography. She's highly trained in her craft, which is very important for a live event. Exceptional in every way." 
-Ryan, Ryan Hinman Films

"The photos were the one aspect of the wedding that I wanted perfect. Thanks to you, they are". 
-Nicole, Bride

"My now-husband and I, actually had fun taking pictures! We absolutely love our photos."
-Machel, Bride

"You helped in so many ways, to make everything perfect for us. I can't count the number of guests that asked who took our photos."
-Brittany, Bride

"It seems to me, you can capture the essence of people, across the board".