A website with a clear message, that's easy to navigate, visually appealing, with an engaging "about" section, will make you stand out to prospective clients. I'll identify ways you can tweak what you already have, or guide you in a website overhaul, which will hold the attention of prospective clients, which leads to more bookings! I even know a few things about SEO, to help clients find you, in their online searches.

Not sure which photos to use? I've got your back. I'll help you identify your best images, and guide you in arranging them in a cohesive, engaging order. I will gently, but honestly critique your images, so that you don't go away crying, but instead, go away excited and focused.

Need help with that pesky "about" section? I can help you write that, along with other website text. 


A major component of being successful and happy photographer, in a competitive market, is finding your unique voice. I can assess your strengths and desires, to help guide you in finding what makes you stand out, while staying true to your self. 

ARTISTIC IMPROVEMENT    Want to know how to improve your technique and composition? I can help. 


Ideal for newer photographers. Need direction in setting up your business? Don't know where to find online resources, to help you learn and grow, on your own? Need advice on how to interact with clients, hold a client consultation, deal with a tricky situation, design and order a wedding album, or write effective client emails? I can help. 

Once I've assessed your needs, and made a plan to help you, we'll meet in person  (or, via Skype), to talk about accomplishing your goals. Initial meeting will be 1-2 hours, with follow up via email, depending on your plan. Plans can consist of one meeting and one follow up email, or if you'd like more coaching, can involve multiple meetings and emails.

Pricing and plans are customized to fit each individual, starting at $295. 


With 11 years in the wedding photography business, and a BFA in photography, I've navigated all the things it takes, to be a successful wedding photographer. I love helping other photographers find their way to happiness and success, in their own photography businesses. Contact me below, to get started!

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Tell me about your goals, what you know already, and a little about yourself. This way, I can determine your needs, and send you a quote for coaching services.