I grew up in the woods of Northern California. I loved running around barefoot, exploring the forest of towering trees and the creek below my house. I was raised on the outdoors, reading and art, national parks, and classic rock. Today, I live near the mountains, just a stone’s throw from Millcreek Canyon, in Salt Lake City, Utah. Nature makes me feel alive.

When I’m not photographing weddings, editing photos, or taking care of my clients, I’m a mom to a vibrant 5 year-old girl and a sweet 2 year-old boy. We have a couple of dog-kids, too. My husband and I work together to balance this crazy-beautiful juggling act, called life.

I love my morning coffee, yoga, pasta, and green smoothies. I have to balance out the butter and cheese, somehow! 


There's a spark that happens--a collective energy, when friends and family come together to celebrate a wedding. That spark is inspiring. It is the thing that excites me about photographing weddings.

My goal is to photograph your wedding day in a way that shows how it felt, that takes you right back to that fleeting moment in time. When you look back at your wedding photos in twenty years, those are the photos that will matter. I've been a professional wedding photographer for 10 years. I have seen trends come and go. My approach to wedding photography is timeless, yet creative. I combine my background in art and design, with my love for authentic documentary photography, to create photos that will stand the test of time and make my clients' hearts sing.

I work with fun-loving couples who care deeply about their wedding photos. They know how much thoughtfully considered photographs matter, and the legacy they will leave for generations to come.

I earned my Bachelor of Fine Art degree in photography, in the year 2000, and have been been a professional wedding photographer for 10 years. I am a member of WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International), a leading professional photography organization. My thirst for new knowledge about how to improve my skills and sensibility, is constant. 

My wedding photographs have been featured in Utah Bride & Groom Magazine and Salt Lake/Park City Bride & Groom Magazine. My photos have also been featured on the Wedding Wire, Rocky Mountain Bride, Utah Bride Blog, and PopSugar. 

WPPI Member Badge