I will capture your day in a way that shows how it felt, that takes you

right back to that fleeting moment in time. When you look back at your

wedding photos in thirty years, those are the photos that will matter.


I work with couples who want a real representation of

their wedding day, instead of a magazine-perfect ideal.


    I'm your photographer if:

    • you want wedding photos that show how it felt, more than photos that show how it looked
    • you're not concerned with must-haves and have-tos
    • you don't care much about perfect decor, or pictures of your shoes
    • only want a few group photos with your closest family members
    • you couldn't care less about prescribed shot lists
    • have a small wedding party
    • have a manageable guest list, under 100 people
    • don't need an elaborate portrait session, just a few beautiful, meaningful portraits together
    • trust me to capture the funny, tearful, joyous, and quiet moments
    • your parents are on board with non-traditional, but meaningful and timeless photos
    • you just want to enjoy your wedding day, without a lot of fuss

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