Each part of the wedding day has a different tone. I vary my approach to fit each part, appropriately.


I do my best to blend in and keep a soft, quiet demeanor. This helps keep the stress down, when those nervous pre-ceremony jitters can come into play. I often photograph the wedding dress, shoes, and jewelry first, allowing everyone in the room to become comfortable with me and my camera around. I’m always attuned to candid shots that may arise. During the buttoning of the wedding dress, I’ll have you move into beautiful window light, where so many magical photos take place. 


I am quiet, and walk carefully. I avoid quick moves or large gestures. I balance “getting the shot” with respecting the sanctity of the wedding ceremony. 


I keep things lively, efficient, and fun. I put on my friendly director voice, and always wear a smile. This allows me to get your group gathered quickly and off to the reception, as quickly as possible. Before your wedding, I will have consulted with you about which family portraits you’d like. I’ll have this list ready to go, so we are sure to capture those important photos. 


Phew! You finally get to be alone together. We’ll have a short portrait session, highlighting you amongst the surroundings of your wedding venue. 


For toasts and first dances, I am as unobtrusive as possible, capturing the emotion you’ll feel when your loved ones toast you with meaningful speeches, or you dance with your new spouse, father, or mother for those special first dances. 

I’ll capture lots of candid photos of friends and family throughout the night, usually without your guests knowing it, resulting in genuine moments. 

When it’s time to get down and boogie, I pop in and out of the dance floor. Sometimes, I’m right in the action, getting photos that really show the fun, energetic feeing. Guests love it, inviting me into the party. At other times,  I give you and your guests space to feel comfortable cutting a rug. It’s all about feeling out the crowd and getting in and out quickly.